Relax Offer SKI CAPFUN: cancellation and 100% refund in the following situations:
  • You or one of your fellow travelers has been affected by the corona virus (on presentation of a medical certificate)
  • You are in an area that is in lockdown during the dates of your stay that prevents you from traveling to your destination
  • The apartment are located in an area that is in lockdown during the dates of your stay
  • The skiresort is closed
  • The borders between your country and your destination are closed
  • You must be quarantined when you go to / or travel back from the region in which the apartments are located
  • The apartments are located in a region for which the government has issued an negative travel advice during the dates of your stay.
In these cases you will receive FULL and IMMEDIATE refund of the amounts already paid.
Grand Morillon ou similiaire
Promo -30%: 2 habitaciones 4/5 personnes
Du 13/02 au 20/02
735€ au lieu de 1050€
Alpe d Huez
Promo -20%: 2 habitaciones 4/5 personnes rénové
du 13/02 au 20/02
1025€ au lieu de 1281€
Promo -30%: 2 habitaciones 4 personnes
du 06/02 au 13/02
480€ au lieu de 686€
Isola 2000
Promo -20%: 2 habitaciones 6 Personnes
du 27/02 au 05/03
722€ au lieu de 903€
Oz en Oisans - Résidence Couleurs soleil
Promo -20%: Studio 4 Personnes
du 20/02 au 27/02
767€ au lieu de 959€
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